Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid named Aquarius. She lived in the ocean with her dad Poseidon. Aquarius was not aloud to go on the land, but what her father didn’t know is Aquarius would swim up to the beach to see her best friend Lushi.


   Lushi and aquarius had been friends for a long time. They met when Aquarius was 4 and lushi was 2. Aquarius found lushi running around on the beach. Aquarius had never seen a human before. She quickly swam to the shore to see this human child. Ever since then they have been the best of friends, but she and Lushi had to see each other only at night when no one was awake. Aquarius wanted more then anything to become human so she could be with Lushi all the time.


  At midnight Aquarius   swam up to the surface to see Lushi. They sat and talked for hours. When the night was over Aquarius looked out at the ocean. She rather stay and talk with Lushi.  Why couldn’t I be a human? Aquarius went back into the ocean and headed home.


    As she headed home someone called to her “I heard you wanted to be human.” Aquarius turned around, “Yes. Thats correct.”

“Well I can help you with that.” The lady said. “My name is Meredy” She was a beautiful young lady about 18 the same age as Aquarius. She had long wavy pink hair and green eyes.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Aquarius”

    Meredy apparently could turn Aquarius into a human. Without any thought Aquarius agreed.

 “But just like everything in life there is a price to pay” Meredy pulled a necklace out of a jar and gave it to Aquarius. “Once Lushi gets old and dies you will turn into stars. You will have eternal life, but with a price to pay.”


  Aquarius thought about this. She wanted more than anything to become a human girl. She took the necklace and put it on.

“What will this do?”

“Just like I said when lushi dies you will turn into the stars. That is what it will do. Once you put it on you can not take it off. Got it?”

“Yes..” Aquarius took a deep breath.

     It’s been about 5 years since Aquarius became a human girl. She and Lushi could finally be together on land. Aquarius hadn’t thought about the necklace and was very happy. They laughed and played all day. As they got older Lushi got married and had 2 kids and Aquarius was the godmother of the two children. One child was a young girl named Melony and one was a little baby boy named Marcus. Aquarius lived with Lushi and her family.  


   Years had past and Aquarius and Lushi were still great friends. Aquarius had not aged. She looked still like a 18 year old girl, but earlier that day Lushi had passed away which made everyone terribly sad. Aquarius’ necklace began to glow and she remembered she would turn into stars.  


   It’s been hundreds even thousands of years since then and Aquarius is up in the sky with the stars. She dances around with all of the other constellations.  If you look up at the night sky you can see her dancing across the sky.

aquirius-tattoo-designs1.jpg      Constellation facts



2 thoughts on “Constellation

  1. I REALLY love you story, it’s very interesting and creative. You maybe could be more descriptive and you maybe could have put some paragraphs that were about the same thing together but overall, I really enjoyed your myth



  2. It was really interesting and felt like you could make a movie out of this. The only thing is is kind of sounds like something Iv’e heard before maybe next time try to be a little more imaginative. But overall I thought it was really cool and I like how it was liken a real story.


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